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E’z Up

January 3, 2011

Happy New Years to everyone!  I know I’m late and have been in a hiatus for a while.  I’ve been real busy with working and playing host for my brother and sister who visited me for two weeks.  I love family, don’t you?  Also been DJing a fair amount at Moose McGillicuddy (Lahaina) , House Parties, and Beach Parties.  My alter ego DJ Love Won came out during NYE at a beach in Wailea.  Holla if you’re in the know but if you’re not, I’ll make sure to let you know about upcoming events.  Just email me at SkrillaWon@Gmail [.] com Anyways enough about me.

Big things happened on NYE including the official drop of the homeboy Saint‘s mixtape entitled The Setup. It’s available entirely for FREE via soundcloud.  Just to refresh your mind of who Saint is, he is a hungry rapper from The Bay Area, California who has resided in Oakland, Richmond, Vallejo, and San Jose.  Saint aka Kelvin Bridges shows his street smarts and book smarts (he holds a degree in Psychology) in his debut mixtape.  If you like smart & witty raps with a wide variety of beats then you’ll like this joint.  Here’s some of my top picks.

“E’z Up”


Co-starring Top

“Be Ok”

Co-starring Top

“The Break In”

Make sure you pick up the whole thing HERE

I want to congratulate Saint for getting this done and out for the masses to hear.  The boy has a lot to offer so make sure you don’t sleep.

And remember this is only The Set Up.

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