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It’s All Gravy w/ Paul McCartney

November 26, 2010

So stuffed.  Gravy.  Everywhere.

I love Thanksgiving.  A time to be thankful for what you have and hopefully have a feast to be thankful for too.  This year I got a chance to eat some amazing food with some great friends.  Thanks for bringing all that food over.  And thank you to all the people who read this.  I hope one day you’ll all give me $$$.  haha.  Just playin.  I’m thankful for all of you even the haters.  Make sure you let the people around you know that you are thankful for them.  They’ll appreciate it.

(McCartney II album cover & Mug Shot)

Now let’s get on the gravy train with the one and only Paul McCartney and his third solo album McCartney II released in 1980.  This album was one of the early pieces of music that experimented heavily with synthesizers.  A time where synthesizers were looked down upon, where as now, a choke full of producers would be nothing without their synthesizers.  Needless to say that this album was way ahead of its time.  Great album to listen to while your eating those leftovers.  Listen if you haven’t.  Listen again if you have.

Let’s start with a wicked bassline.

“Check My Machine”

This one’s on some super futuristic chemical brothers/boys noize shit.

“Temporary Secretary”

Sir Paul just doing his thing

“Frozen Jap”

“Goodnight Tonight”

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