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I Love Hip Hop

November 9, 2010

I Love Hip Hop.  No, for real.  I love how it gets straight to the point and tells it like it is.  You don’t have to be all singy songy about it.  Sure, clever rhymes are cool and all but it is really about “The Message“.  What are you really saying?  Hip hop has allowed people to say it straight up, saying shit like “F#ck the MothaF*cking Police!” or that “Life’s a Bitch” or maybe I just want to “Wish You A Good Day”.  Yeah, there are songs and artists that give off some of the dumbest messages that a person can give but there’s a time and place for everything (just not in my life).  But on a more positive note, hours upon hours of good hip hop is on our way.  I’m excited for Kanye’s new album despite the weak title.  The dude is a musical genius and not too mention that he’s pretty cool with the flow.  I hope one day that Kanye releases a huge 10-disk CD containing instrumentals of all the beats he has made.  Oh, throw that Watch the Throne album in it too.  Dude is RIDICULOUS.  Besides the attention whore Ye’, we got Kid Cudi’s new record that came out today.  I haven’t heard it yet and probably won’t til someone gets me a copy.  Zion I’s new album entitled Atomic Clock also came out today which I will buy as soon as I get some $$$ together.  They never do wrong and don’t expect them to start now.  Make sure you grab a copy of that.  Curren$y‘s new album also hits in 2 weeks.  Shit, and that’s just this month.  It’s been a good year for hip hop with vets like Big Boi, Ice Cube, The Roots, Nas & Damian Marley holding it down.  Oh by the way, that Nas & Damian album is going to be a “Classic” album.

While listening to these records is great, it doesn’t even come close to watching live hip hop.  Maui doesn’t get too many good hip hop acts to come through but this Saturday, we are in luck.  The Grouch is going to be at Casanovas in Makawao with fellow Living Legend, Scarub.  So all you hip hop loving Maui folks better make it there.  The Grouch has even lived in Maui for a little while in Upcountry area.  If you love hip hop that gives a real message then go to that show!  You can buy tickets HERE.

Here are some of my favorite cuts by him.

“Mind Over Matter”

“Wish You A Good Day”

Here’s some more recent stuff,

“Mom & Pop Killer”

Grouch and Scarub better play this joint.

“Hot Air Balloons”

See you at the show

*** Bonus ***

“Artsy” – The Grouch (edIT remix)

Download Here

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