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Dance a Thousand Miles In My Moccasins

June 25, 2010

Track List:
1. Arnold Classics – Brodinski
2. Give Me A Reason – Digital Manges (Douster Remix)
3. Stupid – Redlight
4. Robot Rock & Roll – Profit
5. La Tromba – Chris Lake & LYS (Stupid Fresh Remix)
6. Sex Sax – Drop The Lime
7. Sex on Sax – Dub Deluxe
8. Ultimo – Evil Nine
9. Louder Than Boom – Tiesto (Bart B More Remix)
10. For The Love Of Girls – Wolfgang Gartner
11. Maru – Pance Party ($$$ Won’s I Like It Raw Vocal Edit)
12. Console – Tom Staar
13. Everybody – Basement Jaxx (Canblaster Ballroom Remix)
14. Give Me A Reason – Digital Manges (Douster Remix)
15. Centavo – Foamo
16. Raver’s Special – Rusko
17. Bootsoul Nugget – Lee Mortimer vs M&S
18. Love Long Distance – The Gossip (Fake Blood Remix)
19. As We Enter – Nas & Damian Marley (Foamo Remix)
20. Tee-Pee Theme ft. Drop The Lime – Crookers
21. This Is Sick – Solid Groove (Herve Reshuffle)
22. Keep It Hood – Project Pat (Bird Peterson Remix)
23. O Let’s Over Do It – A-Trak
24. How I’m Feeling Right Now – E-40 ($$$ Won’s Super Fast Edit)

Made a new mix with a bunch of that house/electro/bouncy that I’ve been feeling including “Robot Rock & Roll” by Profit (Joseph Salerno).  He is a very good friend of mine and I’ve even shared a roof with that fool.   I’ll bet you $20 that he can beat you in a game of beer pong, bolf (beer pong golf), and/or  “SKATE” on tech decks of course.  Besides that he also has some real musical talent.  He usually makes hip hop beats, which are fire btw, but he’s also been dabbling in some dance music recently.  I’ll upload another song of his after I find my phone. . .

Anyways Enjoy and Keep it Moving.

$$$ Won

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