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NiT GriT = San Jose DubSTEP

June 16, 2010

I won’t front.  I did not even know about Nit Grit till recently.  My hombres, Tom the Fool and Seany Boy, played a house party and Nit Grit (Danny) came later on in the night to shake the house.  This guy is HUGE on soundcloud with song plays adding up to hundred of thousands and comments galore!  He’s also a humble ass dude!  Ha Ha.  Enough jockin.  On to another tangent.

I was never really the biggest fan of dubstep unlike some of you but over this past year I feel it has evolved into something really good.  Also adding liquor and deranged zombie like dancing really helps.  Like a lot.  Anyways check out Nit Grit and support bay area music by buying his self entitled album off his website.

This first one seems to be brand new so you’re in for a treat.

“Grit Shifter”

Appropriately titled “Synthetic Heaven”



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