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So Much Music!

June 14, 2010

Holy Smorgasborgasm! Gee Willikers Bat Funk!  There is so much fucking music coming out these days that I don’t care to keep up with.  With all these LP’s, EP’s, Mixtapes, Singles, Remixes, and Bootlegs comes with a lot of shitty ass music.  It’s really sad when there are remixes to songs when they’re not even out yet.  Luckily good music keeps finding my ear.  Here are some songs that found their way to my speakers and BANG!

First up is “Real Love” by Evil Nine.  I’m actually still waiting for it to come out but I love the violins on this song.  While we wait for the song’s release, download “Ultimo” for free from their label, For Lovers, which is also an amazing dance track

Onto stranger things, Flying Lotus is making some real music with his latest album Cosmogramma.  This particular song makes me dance in my sleep.

“Do the Astral Plane”

Foamo baby!  One of my favorite producers is still coming out with hits.  I know I post a lot of different styles of music and that’s because I play it all but my favorite sets include songs like this one.


Last one for now.  It’s DJ DSTAR’s take on Ciara’s “Ride” (Sexiest Video of the Year BTW).  Some of that good booty shaking music that I like to play.  This one’s free too!

Oh wait, there’s one more after the jump.  I promise you it’s worth it.  It’s SO GOOD!  Like Mad Sex!

or Mad Sax I should say

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