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Update Your Mind

June 2, 2010

Time doesn’t stop for no one.  So don’t get left behind and update your mind.  Everyday is a new day to live, love and learn.  Life is your best teacher.  I am now a college graduate but it is the lessons I received outside the classroom that are most valuable to me.  I thank God for the ability to gain knowledge and the ability to use it.

Life’s not a bitch, life is a beautiful woman, you only call her a bitch cuz she won’t let you get that pussy.” One of my favorite quotes but sometimes that beautiful woman is just another woman (or man) who will stab you in the back, take your money, get you thrown in jail, and burn everything you worked for.  In all reality, life is incomparable to any human being.  There is nothing like it in the world.  So let’s not waste it.  I wish things were perfect.  It’s a good thing for you that they’re not, cause if they were, then all of you would be bowing before your master aka ME.

$$$ WON

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