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Jay-Z the GOAT?

March 26, 2010

Who is the greatest rapper of all time?  You sure can make a good argument for the jigga man.  He has 4 albums that most rappers can’t even touch: Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, The Black Album, The Blueprint 3. Shit throw American Gangster on there too, plus 6 more that’s better than most.  No one has aged so well.  His rap has gotten better with age.  While some other rappers try to stay young, Hova makes it cool to be wise and filthy rich.

He also came into the game at the perfect time.  While he was gaining notoriety as a rapper in the early 1990’s, Biggie Smalls was taking over the charts.  Around the same time 2pac was impacting the game just as much if not more but on the left side.  I always catch myself thinking what the game would look like if these two geniuses were still alive.  A lot different that’s for sure.  Rest in Peace Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace.

Jay-Z debut album Reasonable Doubt gets released June 25, 1996.  Three months before Tupac’s assassination.  Jay-Z’s highest selling album, Vol. 2. Hard Knock Life, gets released in 1998.  A year after after Biggie’s death.  After these two amazing people died, there was no one to take over.  Sure there was a lot of great rappers like the ones that get mention HERE.  But Jay-Z has slowly aged to become the president of hip hop.  His last album, The Blueprint 3, has so much swag that he simply did not have 10 years ago.  I saw him recently at the HP Pavilion in San Jose and he killed it.  He even gave out a shout out to my beloved Sharks.  My only complaint was when he teased the crowd with the intro to Dead Presidents then cut it into a different song.  For real Jay-Z?  Fuck you for that one.  You owe me!

Here is one of my favorites.

He used this at his show and it was classic!

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