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Freaknik the Musical

March 8, 2010

Holy Shit.  This was the funniest thing I have seen in a while.  Uncensored.  Uncut.  Unbelievably fucking funny!  You got Lil Wayne voicing a Jesus type character who ends up going to jail coincidentally , random Lil Jon outbursts, T-Pain who is the Freak of all Freakish Ghosts and a bunch of other guest spots that fit in perfectly such as Rick Ross, Kelis, Charlie Murphy + others.  A lot of it is poking fun at themselves and just plain ol fucking fun.  Ha Ha.  I love how they made Oprah and that crazy Reverend evil.  Damn shit’s funny.  In one scene, the moon shot the sun as if it were a stick-up so it would turn it into night.  Ha HA!  Damn I hope they do another one.  Check this clip and make sure you watch it somehow.

P.S. Freaknik back in the 90’s looked like spring break on steroids

(Found the full episode here, you’re welcome)

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