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My Pot Dealer Wants To Adopt a Kid

February 9, 2010

Yup that’s right.  My pot dealer wants to adopt a kid.  Not just any kid.  But this crazy 11 year old whose mind is stuck on the streets.  He already has “west side” tattooed to his knuckles.  His parents are meth addicts.  All he knows about is the street he lives on.  I asked him, referencing to his tattoo, “What are you gonna do when you move out of here?”.  He responded with “What do you mean?”  He literally couldn’t see past his small, shabby neighborhood.  My pot dealer, who is a smart responsible dude that just so happens to enjoy his herbs and $$$, wants to take care of this kid so he doesn’t become like his parents.  But in reality, my dealer is just a kid too.  So what is going to happen to this “West Side” kid?  Honestly.  I Don’t Know.  Sad isn’t it?  But what are YOU going to do about it.

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