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SJSU Add Wars

January 28, 2010

Due to the state budget cuts, San Jose State University has been forced to implement furlough days on faculty as well as cutting the number of classes available.  So while our tuition is raising, our quality of education is falling.  Which I think should be a criminal act.  Anyways this has lead to 20 students fighting over 5 add spots for a class.  Graduating seniors are getting turned away and are forced to pay/attend another semester.  Other students are forced to pick classes that they don’t even need just so they can pick up their 12 units required for full financial aid benefits.  I am even having trouble getting my classes even though I am a graduating senior and have the magical senior (get out of jail) card which is suppose to get me any class I need.  Anyways I’m off to battle.  I WILL GET MY CLASSES.  ALL 22 UNITS! So get the hell out of my way.

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