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January 27, 2010

The internet and blogging is the shit.  Why?  Well, the internet only connected the whole world together and changed the game in terms of buying/selling and making $$$.  As for blogging, it gives a poor person a chance to express him/herself and advertise shit for free! FREE! sorta.  But we’ll save that for another day.  Anyways check out my blog roll for some sweet cherry pie blogs and websites.

Highlights: – A monopoly at its the finest.  Anything you need.  Just google it. Worth $153.4 billion as of 8/05/09. – 3 kids w/ a big dream doing their thing. Great for all sorts of dance music – Portland dance scene. – Wonderful blog that’s all about life in the Mission District in San Francisco.

Check out the rest of the list on the bottom of the page.

P.S. I will probably be ending this blog soon.  For some reason I thought this blog would benefit me somehow ($$$) but I am realizing that this is going to go nowhere.  Well I’ll at least keep going until next week.

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